Welcome to my virtual gallery of OOAK (one of a kind) sculptures. Please take a look around and consider supporting unique, hand made art. If you are interested in purchasing some of my art you visit my Etsy Shop or can contact me at jeff@justaddeffort.com.

If you are in the Springfield, MO area, I can meet you at Next Level Games at Sunshine and Glenstone

Zombie 2014

This guy shoves his face in quite forcefully while eating. This has caused his nose and upper lip to be worn away.

On display at Next Level Games

I created a zombie as my first armatured sculpture in late 2013. As a comparison of how far I've come in a year, I created this one. It is larger and much more elaborate.

10 inches high



Pinchy is a cave dweller that eats the large worms common to the area. From time to time a local with a hero complex decides to rid the world of this "monster". They always end up in one of the piles of bones that decorate Pinchy's home.

8 inches high


Red Robot

Built by the people of Radhill (who's evolution stems from ants), this beautiful red robot is a complex system of conduits and exhaust ports.

On display at Next Level Games

10 inches high


Scavenger Caught

Glick didn't like dungeon crawling and picking over the corpses of fallen heros, but he was good at it and the local dealers paid him well. This time however, he was distracted by a ring between the broken tiles of the floor and was unaware of the footsteps of the demon until it was too late.

11.5 inches high



This guy has come to life after thousands of years and has glossy black eyes that give a hint of the pain and confusion he's feeling.

8.5 inches high



This archer has dedicated his life in the service of the kings army. While some would consider his equipment due for replacement, he prefers to call it "barely broken in".

9 inches high


Birthday Chimp

This birthday girl isn't sure what to make of her new party hat.

5 inches high



This is from the Adventures of Zee comic book cover.

7 inches high