Hi. My name is Jeff and I'm an artist from Springfield, MO. While I'm not a trained artist, I don't let it stop me from doing the things I enjoy in life.

I believe that people who genuinely want to achieve something and are willing to put forth the effort required, can accomplish great things.

I enjoy drawing, but I was never going to be a great artist. As the years have rolled on, I've tried many art mediums trying to find one I'm good at and fits my style. The airbrush wasn't it and painting a canvas absolutely wasn't it. I finally found clay sculpting and I've been sculpting since late 2013. I really wish I would have discovered it years ago, but it is possible that without the experience of the other mediums, I might not have been as adept at it.

My goal is just to create unique sculpts and get better as I go. I don't really have any ambition to become a great artist, I just want to spend time after work doing something I enjoy. It is an added bonus that others might enjoy what I do and possibly help support my hobby.

Jeff K.