Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are these made?
I make the sculptures using aluminum wire to form an armature (metal skeleton). A smaller wire is wrapped around the armature in a spiral to allow the clay to be placed without too much slipping. Then a polymer clay (Super Sculpey) is applied in layers and sculpted into shape and textures. Once the clay has been cured, it is painted and sometimes a clear coat is applied. Depending on the complexity of the character, this all takes from 10 to 40 hours.
2. Why are these so expensive?
See #1. These are hand made from scratch and are truly unique in design, form and finish. No molds are used or created from the final product. This means that when you purchase a sculpture from me, you have purchased something truly special and you will never see another one like it. So, in addition to the time, talent and materials, you are also paying for this uniqueness.
3. Where do you get the ideas?
I'm not sure. Sometimes I have a rough idea of what general type (zombie, snowman, dragon, robot, etc) that I want to create, but most times I don't. More often, I start messing around with the clay until something in the shapes lead to an idea. As I continue working, more ideas form and that continues until I have a final form in mind and then I work toward that. Sometimes I work on a story for the character and that leads to changes as I go.
4. Can you make me a Batman, Frodo, Spock, or other copyrighted character?
No. That would be both illegal and unethical.
5. If I draw a unique character, can you sculplt it?
Maybe. This would depend on the size/scale of the character as well as my interest in creating the character. The process would involve a discussion and an agreement that the end result is my interpretation of the character. This is because 2D to 3D can lack some information as well as there are clay limitations such as brittleness for thin areas that may require some adjustments. Also, a deposit would be required as the cost of materials and time involved need to be covered in the case of "creative differences".
6. Can you use another type of clay?
Sure. I've used Chavant NSP which is a oil based clay to create larger sculpts. However, this type of clay never hardens and is intended for making molds used in mass production or making a bronze statue from. I have no interest in the mold making process, so I can only provide the sculpture to be used.
7. Can I make sculptures like this myself?
Yes. The bulk of what you need to know is freely available on the web and there are paid web courses you can take. The rest is stuff like time savers, texture techniques, tools and routines that you will refine with each sculpt.
8. ????
Just Ask: jeff@justaddeffort.com